Entertainment & Sports

Entertainment & Sports

Whether you've played in the Super Bowl, are a rising star, or the stakeholder in an estate of someone in the entertainment and/or sports business, we are prepared to represent you. We have counseled players in the NFL, professionals in the music industry, and film & TV producers, among many others. The Law Offices of Z Zoltan Stein provides honest, straightforward, accessible legal advice. Let our expertise and intimate first-hand understanding of these unique industries protect you, and your livelihood.

We represent today’s artists and athletes -- for tomorrow’s success. We are in your corner.

Practice Areas

Advertising and Marketing
ASCAP/BMI Registration
Band Agreements
Breach of Contract
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Choice of Business Entity
Copyright and Trademarks
Digital Downloads
Employee Agreements
Employment Disputes
Finder’s Fee Agreements
General Counsel Program
Music Publishing Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Trademark licenses and Registration
Trusts and Estate Planning
Violation of Privacy Rights

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Perez Hilton: Hailey Baldwin Accused of Plagiarism Over Justin Bieber Shade

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We offer a creative, results-oriented approach that is directly derived from the needs of each client. Our counsel is pragmatic, unyielding and based on calculated risks and rewards. We are dedicated to our client's needs and promise to always listen and provide insightful, strategic counseling. We are in your corner.